Two Young Sisters Walk In Memory Of Their Baby Brother


Support Meetings Are Open To The General Public. Please Feel Free To Come And Share or Sit And Listen if You Have Lost A Child.



GRIEF / LOSS SUPPORT - Wednesday, July 14th at 7pm in the Community Room at the Whiting Library in Chester, Vermont.

Facilitator: Cara Tyrrell - Email Me 117 Main St ~ Chester, VT 05143


PALS (Pregnancy or Parenting After Loss) : To make these meetings more accessible please contact Gretchen if you have a PALS related issue and she will organize a meeting in your area.

Facilitator: Gretchen Lunderville - Email Her


The Board of Directors next meeting is set for Wednesday, July 7th. If you have an agenda item please email cara.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nearly There...

We are in so many ways!

1)The First Annual Walk for Hope and Rememberance is only 11, yeah ELEVEN days away! Share Southern Vermont's board members are feeling so excited to share the morning with you - affirming your status as 'parent' on a weekend when that can be so difficult to do.

Don't forget to PRE-REGISTER by downloading the form and sending it to PO BOX 22 Proctorsville, VT. 05153! (donation checks made out to SSV)

2) Our board of directors is growing. The team of mothers (but please - are MORE than welcome) coming together has great ideas and energy for our future events!

3) SSV, Inc is working hard toward non-profit, 501 c (3) status. It is a labor intensive process, but we are nearly there. To that end, you will notice some changes on this site. More specifically, you won't see some links anymore. Be assured, the valuable resources and information will return, for I will blog about them from time to time. You will just have to do the leg work to get to their site, sorry.

4) Hubby's etsy shop is a no-go. Not because he didn't want to, and not even because I cried 'not enought time', but because of the reasons sited on #3. Thank you to all who voted - and I haven't forgotten that I have to give something away!! Promise!!!

A very sincere thank you to all who have watched us grow in the last five months. We are here because of you and will continue to grow for the same reason!

See you at the walk!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Post Where I Make You Believe!

Not that I really need to, you believed when others didn't...

ALTERNATIVE TITLE: The Post That Affirms What We Already Knew

Yeah - that's better.

If you have followed my heart mission - Share Southern Vermont - from its grandios conception within my head then you might remember the posts where I:

And, if you haven't been following my journey then know that for whatever anger overtook me at times, flanked by frustration and envy - FAITH had them all beat by ten miles.

I have always KNOWN, not hoped or wished for or even thought possbile - but KNOWN that our mission will be fulfilled and our program will grow leaps and bounds throughout the years, touching countless hearts in every stage of their greiving process.

Well....(deep breath now, ok? You good? Sitting down?)

I am going to do this is vision : reality format, for your sake (read: it will keep it shorter) and mine (read: it will keep it shorter).

VISION: A well attended, professionally run support group that leaves people feeling like it is a safe place for them to come and share wherever they are in their grief process.

REALITY: We have had 4 meetings. People have been at everyone. New people are coming every month. We are getting the word out - we are making a difference.

VISION: We would have enough in our bank account to meet our start-up costs, gratefull accepting additional funds to further our cause.


VISION: We would be categorized 501(c)3 Non-Profit to make the most of our outreach.

REALITY: The Eye-R-Ess has cashed our check and is currently reviewing our application. It's been a while...but hey - I guess thet are a little busy right just about now - right?

VISION: We would host grand community-awareness / fundraising events where bereaved parents are celebrated for the role they played in their baby's life. These events would open even more eyes to our mission, hence reach people who didn't know about our services.

REALITY: We are currently finalizing detalils for our First Annual Walk For Hope and Rememberance. An event of which the orginal board member and I had once said, "Heck - if it's just you and me, our husbands and our kids standing out there with a balloon - it will be a success!"'s big - getting bigger everyday - almost overwhelming big - but that's the point, yes?

VISION: I would bring together a team of people who all Share the same vision, annually training another person as a program leader.

REALITY: It's happening. Our board of directors is strong. Two new bereaved mothers have just come into our group clearly saying what they envision their role to be, practially verbatim to what I have put out there into the faith ethers.

And the BIGGEST VISION OF ALL: I would create a friendly working relationship with the childbirth center at the local hospital. SHARE would be there from the time of loss - support the family as they make difficult choices and begin their grief road.

Still sitting down???

I got a phone call this last week that confirms my faith that it WILL happen. It affirms my belief that intended action with big, dedicated love behind it can NEVER fail.

Thank you for being there from day one - and holding my hand.

Thank you for picking up the story here - and becoming part of the vision.

I told you I'd share the 'happily ever after' with you- right? Consider this the 'happily...'

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Last week I received this email from the very talented Birdie's Mama (her sweet girl is on The Wall of Angels. )

"Charlotte's Mama and myself are going to be working on a book, a book that will be for the young siblings of babylost parents, a book that talks about the baby who is not there but is talked about and cherished. However, we are looking for an illustrator, and I would like to find either a babylost Mama or Papa to be that person.

I have not had any luck in my calls for such an illustrator, and it seems so important to have the whole book be made by babylost parents."A book like this is so needed." her if you feel like your talent might match their vision.



$3 EACH OR 4 / $10

$3 EACH OR 4 / $10