Two Young Sisters Walk In Memory Of Their Baby Brother


Support Meetings Are Open To The General Public. Please Feel Free To Come And Share or Sit And Listen if You Have Lost A Child.



GRIEF / LOSS SUPPORT - Wednesday, July 14th at 7pm in the Community Room at the Whiting Library in Chester, Vermont.

Facilitator: Cara Tyrrell - Email Me 117 Main St ~ Chester, VT 05143


PALS (Pregnancy or Parenting After Loss) : To make these meetings more accessible please contact Gretchen if you have a PALS related issue and she will organize a meeting in your area.

Facilitator: Gretchen Lunderville - Email Her


The Board of Directors next meeting is set for Wednesday, July 7th. If you have an agenda item please email cara.

Friday, February 27, 2009

A Bill Of Interest

I got this emai today from Share National. You can click over to the symposium or email me if you would like to see the bill itself.

Small steps...

Hello everyone,
I wanted to bring your awareness to a First Candle event in Washington, DC. I have known about it for a few weeks but have been waiting for the bill information before I brought awareness to this. The bill presently only includes SIUD and sudden older child death (up to 4 years). This is my concern and I have verbalized this to First Candle. They assure me a sister bill will be written that will address stillbirth. You can check out the symposium information at I am attaching the bill so you can peruse it and share it with your members. I will inform you of any updates of this bill and sister bills I receive. First Candle is hoping bereaved parents will attend this event.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Temporary Roadblock

If you are following SSV's progress with community outreach - then you might like to read this post - over at Building Heavenly Bridges.

It is a pothole, a temporary roadblock. WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Resonating Voice

I have been posting a really intense grief series at Building Heavenly Bridges in the last week. It is an exploration of my grief, now - 8 years later, and how on certain days it doesn't look or feel very different from the day Emma died.

If you are a looking to nod your head and know that what you are feeling is akin to what others suffer regardless of when you felt your loss, then head on over and cry with me.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

The rest will follow soon, and - as always - if you need an ear, email me...any time!

In Grief and Love, (until our next meeting)


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Show and Tell - Memory Making Update

A few weeks ago, THIS was my show and tell...

Today - that amazing man called me out to take an "update" picture.

Who knows? Maybe next week I'll have to take long shot of 20 FINISHED BOXES!

Who else is S & Ting?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Finding Roots - And Burying Them!

I am pleased to announce that Share Southern Vermont has FOUND ITS HOME!

I would like to thank the Springfield Health and Rehab center for letting us meet there for the first two months. It was so kind of them to open their doors without question, but we have finally found a location that feels calm, quiet, and homey.
It is the perfect place to talk about our losses. It is also MUCH easier to find in the dark!

Share Southern Vermont now meets in the Community Room of the Whiting Library in Chester Vermont! Located at 117 Main St ~ Chester, VT 05143 (if you want to mapquest it)

This - is what it looks like.

This - is the sign out front.

However - park here - in the back lot

And enter down these stairs and in this door.

I don't have a picture of the meeting room - but trust me - it's nice!
So, PLEASE JOIN US – THE 2ND WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH – AT 7PM. Our next meeting is Wed, March 11th - 2009!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yo! Check Us Out!

put in zip code - 05153 - then scroll to the bottom inset that says...Local News!

And...spread the word.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Wings of Time!

I cannot quite believe it but our next meeting is fast approaching. I sat in Carol and Greg's meeting on Jan 28th and the wheels-they-were-a-turning in my head.

I watched in awe as they fielded emotions and how-do-you-survive questions like pros. I marveled at how the maintained the perfect balance between "After Charlotte died" responses and blanket grief-based theories to support the needs of each hurting person in that room.

I loved seeing the vast sea of participants. The woman who has been there from day one and the one who just lost her baby last week. I loved seeing that couples come together. I could see what a great difference they were making and how our group would grow to do exactly the same thing.

I'm taking a page, or rather - a poster board - from Amy so if you are coming, look for signs in the entrance way and hallway to help you find the room. They might not be quite as awesome as hers, but they will do the job!

And - as always - there will be chocolate and tissues.

Hope to see you next wed - Feb 11th - at 7pm.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

January Prize Pack Winner Revealed!

The winner of January's prize pack (pictured above and on the side bar) is...... number 14! There were 16 entries raising $80 this month! Thanks so much to all who donated and entered!

Oh- you are wondering who #14 is? That would be Stephanie! Congrats and enjoy the prize pack. Email me with your preferred address ( and it will be shipped to you this week.

And please - to all who would like to donate and win...weigh in on the poll at the bottom of the blog. You might just see what YOU want next month!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Two Days Late and Uncounted Dollars Raised

Tomorrow I will reveal the winner of the February Share Southern Vermont Raffle-Way!

We had a bunch of last minute enteries!! Woo - hoo!

However, I am getting the feeling that although I find scrapbooking addictive, other's - less so. So, in an effort to streamline what I give away and maximize entrants - I have placed a poll at the bottom of the blog.

The question is: "What hobby would you like to see a SSV raffle-way geared toward?"

You can pick multiple items. You can pick other, then email me.

I will try to mix things up month by month so you, whoever you are with whatever floats your free-time boat, can have a reason to enter and - hopefully - to WIN!

As the shortest month of the year, February will be the voting month. We will resume raffle-waying in March. (NOTE: This should NOT prevent you from donating just because if you feel so inclined!)

So - weigh in so there can be a pot you WANT to win!!!



$3 EACH OR 4 / $10

$3 EACH OR 4 / $10